In The Studio with YEE YEE

Photos by Ken Pao, "Love is Cool;" and Santiago Felipe, "Yacht."

Photos by Ken Pao, "Love is Cool;" and Santiago Felipe, "Yacht."

YEE YEE is a handmade cut & sew T shirt label by Marcos Chin that began in 2012 as a creative extension to his illustration practice. Using the T shirt as his canvas, Marcos combines his love of drawing and fashion to create a celebration of bold, playful and uplifting prints from his studio in Brooklyn to reimagine the everyday Tee into a more unique garment.  

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04 08 14 Breakin


My new fabric just arrived today. I'm very happy with how it turned out. Excited to cut and sew it up. #breakin #backinthedayswhenthingswerecool Break it down, now lift it up. Stay tuned, another fun piece is coming your way!

04 01 14 Twisted Tiger

Here's my latest graphic Tee. Things are moving along slowly but surely. It's a 2-colour silkscreen onto cotton jersey that I've cut and sewn. The fit is a bitter slimmer than my previous graphic Tees as well. Spring is coming!

03 28 14 Tiger Tiger Burning Bright


Like everyone I know in New York City, I've been pining for Spring. It's been a very long winter. It's almost April and still cold. When I was 17 years old and on my March break in high school, it was warm enough to wear a short sleeve Tee, and I remembering riding my bike to the basketball court to meet my friends for a game. For those of you who know me, this sounds odd, "Marcos playing sports?" Well, yes, I used to when I was young. But soon enough I gave that up and immersed myself almost entirely into my art. I still do, to this day. As a tribute to Spring, I'm continuing to make new Tees. The photo above is a separation that I'm making for a new graphic Tee. It'll be 2 colours printed onto cotton, and then cut and sewn afterwards. #tigertigerburningbright