My Creative Process and Other Stories

Arnold's Final Battle


Here's a recent illustration that I did for Complex Magazine. It's a humorous portrait of Arnold Schwarzenegger and some of the villains that he has not battled (in film) yet. Although I've been drawing for a good number of years now, it's still daunting when I get called upon to create a complex illustration (no pun intended). Below is a very stripped down example of my process from sketch to final. You'll notice in my rough drawing, there are blue shapes; I do this oftentimes, i.e. block in shapes that represent elements on the page in order to figure a composition that suits me. Once I'm happy (with the composition) then I begin to resolve/refine these shapes by delineating some details in order to transform them into relevant subject matter within the piece that I'm working on. Many thanks to Simon J. at Complex Magazine for trusting me with such crazy compositions. Stay tuned for another fun piece in the June and July issue of Complex Magazine. 

marcos chin