My Creative Process and Other Stories

Snowed In


Whenever I have free time, I try to do some personal work. It's not always successful, but I do believe that it's necessary for me in order to grow as an artist. I'm taking my time making some new Tees for this Spring 2014. If you've been newly introduced to my work, in addition to illustration, I create a bunch of other things; hand made T shirts are just one them. I've decided months ago to apply the skills that I already have as an illustrator towards the conception of my Tees. Prints are the direction that I've chosen to go in - hand drawn and separated silkscreened fabric that I cut & sew into T shirts. You can check out some of my Tees in my Tee Shop. In any event, the more time that I devote to this part of my studio practice, the more that I want to push myself to do better. The drawings and separations become a bit more complex and time consuming; however, viscerally I feel that the results are worth it. My challenge this time is to create a full-print-tiled effect of Golden snub-nosed monkeys. The image above is  work-in-progress, more precisely it's me trying to create  a seamless tile, and how to assign a limited colour palette to the drawing, yet still make it appear uplifting and full-of-colour. I'm coming close. Hopefully next week, we can make the separations and start printing onto cotton. For some reason, this winter has felt so very long. I need some Spring in my life. Hopefully this print will inspire some warmth in my world.

marcos chin